Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Ebooks Available on Research Methodology

If you're struggling with procrastination, or wondering how to conduct a research interview, then our new ebooks might be for you.

This week we have added several new ebook titles to the catalogue to support researchers at GSA, from undergraduate to professional.

The Good Research Guide: For Small-Scale Social Research Projects, by Martyn Denscombe, provides practical and straightforward guidance for those conducting social research at an undergraduate, postgraduate or professional level.

How to Research, by Loraine Blaxter, is a plainly-written resource for the first-time researcher who needs help with writing a literature review, or ethics, or how best to use the help of your project supervisor.

Qualitative Interviewing, by Svend Brinkmann, will help you understand the many different methods of interview used in social research, and help you write, represent, understand and evaluate qualitative interview research.

Understanding the Research Process, by Paul Oliver, explains the ways in which different research terminology is used, and demonstrates how to use specialist research terminology appropriately, helping to keep your writing style clear and practical.

We have another ebook available by Paul Oliver, The Student's Guide to Research Ethics. This title examines the ethical issues and questions which occur in university and professional research. This book is a great guide for both beginners or experienced researchers, looking to identity ethical issues when they are conducting their research.

As well as ebooks, we'll also be sharing some new print titles in the near future, but for now these ebooks will be available through the catalogue. It's best to log in before making a search, so that you can click straight through to the ebook.