Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Strike a Pose! Vogue Archive online

As part of a new series of blogs looking at the GSA Library's subscription databases, today we’re putting one of the Library’s most fashionable choices in the frame: Vogue archive online.  

Audrey Hepburn on cover for Vogue 144.8 (Nov 1, 1964) Image c/o Conde Nast, The Vogue Archive online.
Grace Kelly on cover for Vogue 158.1 (Dec 1, 1971) Image c/o Conde Nast, The Vogue Archive online.
The database comprises the full contents of the US edition of Vogue magazine in full colour, from its first ever issue in 1892 to the present, with monthly updates for new issues so it’s always kept current. There’s obvious application to fashion and textiles although those researching gender studies or popular culture across the decades will find a lot of the content to be on point. As well as being a great source of information for researching fashion movements, fashion photography and biographical information on designers, the archive also doubles up as a great store of images. And because all issues have been scanned from cover to cover, the front pages and advertisements are as much a feature as the sartorial journalism. Citations are provided so you’re able to keep a note of items that catch your interest as you go. We found the front covers above by using the option to 'Browse publications.'

Link to Vogue archive online above, or by running Vogue through a library catalogue search. In addition to the online US Vogue, the Library also keeps the current and back print issues of the British version and Vogue Italia which can be used for reference.