Wednesday, September 16, 2015

RADAR, Open Access and Research Data Management Training

On Friday the 11th September 2015 the Repository and data management team, with colleagues from the Research Office, ran two successful training sessions for staff and postgraduate students in the fields of RADAR, open access and research data management.

The first session focused on RADAR and open access and was provided for research staff. Areas covered during the training included a run through of the repository (RADAR), describing how to upload new outputs to the repository and why researchers should engage with the repository. Comments related to the ability of the repository to showcase ones research were highlighted, as well as it being best practice to share ones research both for internal and external purposes. Not forgetting the importance of the REF process!! The basics of Open Access were expressed during this session as well. Covering the reasons behind making ones research 'open access', different routes to open access (green or gold), funder policies, the use of the SHERPA tools, and the next REF process.

Following this session a lovely lunch was provided by Where the Monkey Sleeps (WTMS), that all enjoyed!

The second session focused on Research Data Management, and was open to researchers and postgraduate students to attend. We had a good mix of attendees at this session. Areas covered included the importance of data management, methods of data management, data management planning for bid writing and toolkits that are available to support data management.

Both sessions concluded with a question and answer session, allowing participants to raise their concerns regarding the subject matter discussed. This also gave us the opportunity to share with participants the sources of support that is available to them at GSA - in relation to documents and who should be contacted.

The following links give rise to some of the information that was shared during the training sessions:

These training sessions will be run again and we are keen to tailor them to the specific needs of departments, so do let us know if you want or need any support in these areas.

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