Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Adobe Indesign Thursday 1st of October iMac Lab Library 5.30pm

This Thursday's Twilight Class is on Adobe InDesign. Come along and learn to use InDesign as a publishing application, learn how to layout designs and also some really useful tips and tricks.

The class takes place on Thursday the 1st of October at 5.30pm in the iMac Lab of the Library.

Art and Architecture Archive

Here's a reminder about articles and images available through the Art and Architecture Archive a new journal database added to the library catalogue.

This is an archive of some of the foremost art and architecture magazines dating from the late-19th century to recent history. Subjects include fine art, decorative arts, architecture, interior design, industrial design, and photography. The lengthy back-runs of magazines are scanned cover-to-cover in high-resolution colour and presented as page images with fully searchable text. Fine artists and designers will find this a great resource for navigating visual art titles such as Apollo and Art Monthly while architects are able to use an Advanced Search for architectural drawings/plans, maps and photographs of buildings. For architects, see the back-runs of Architects’ Journal and Architectural Review.
The full contents can be found via the library catalogue.
Additional handy features include the ability to copy and save images, export citations and limit searches to specific document types such as advertisements, building plans or illustrations.
This digital content provides a route into a limited amount of the historic journal material that pre-dates much of what is physically available in the Library.  If the journal you’re looking for isn’t listed, ask at the Librarians Office on Level 2 or email and we’ll look at how else you might be able to access copies either online or at other libraries. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Library Closed Monday 28th September 2015

The Library and Computer Centre will be closed on Monday the 28th of September. This is due to a public holiday. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. The Library and Computer Centre will be open as normal from Tuesday the 29th of September.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Publishing Production Thursday 24th of September iMac Lab Library 5.30pm

Are you interested in publishing your own work? Come along to the Publishing Production Library Twilight Class and learn all you need t know about colour, file formats, resolutions and more!

The class takes place in the iMac Lab on Level 2 of the Library at 5.30pm on Thursday the 24th of September.

Library Twilight Class Term 1 Timetable

The Library Twilight Classes return this year. See above for the Term 1 Timetable. All classes are held in the iMac lab on level 2 of the Library.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

GSA Library News Term 1

Welcome to the 2015-16 academic term at GSA Library! For term 1, here's the latest on Library resources and services. 

Library Inductions
We look forward to meeting new GSA students at library inductions on Level 2 of the Library. Undergraduates sign up for group inductions at the Library Service Desk. Postgraduates will be given the date and time of their programme's library induction by the department.
This short introduction to the Library gives an overview of how we can support you during your time at GSA:
Discover Resources at GSA Library
The GSA Library has introduced a new Discover Search for the start of term!
It's not just our appearance that has changed - we've introduced additional functionality to give you more options for searching across resources.
You can now choose to search over both online and print resources, or you can opt to search the catalogue only. Students and staff can use their GSA login to view library account information and also gain seamless access to online resources.
Postgraduate Access to GU Library Online Resources
Great news for GSA postgraduate students - we’ve agreed that as of academic session 2015-16, postgraduate students can access the online resources available through Glasgow University's Library catalogue:
This enables GSA postgraduate students to take advantage of the privileges previously only available to GSA staff and postgraduate researchers. The new arrangement means that in addition to lending print materials at GU Library through the SCONUL Access scheme, GSA postgraduates will have online access to GU Library's subscribed e-books and database content.
More information is available on the Library website:
GSA Moving Image Library
You can now browse GSA Library's DVD collection by theme or style using our new blog:
Students and staff alike are encouraged to curate lists of films, documentaries and moving-image that frame aspects of their own research for other GSA Library users. Term 1 kicks off with recommendations shared by artist duo Smith/Stewart!
Art and Architecture Archive
We recently subscribed to a new database called Art and Architecture Archive:
This is a full-text archive of magazines comprising key research material in the fields of art and architecture, dating from the late-19th century to the 21st. Subjects covered include fine art, decorative arts, architecture, interior design, industrial design, and photography. The lengthy back-runs for magazines such as The Architects’ Journal and Architectural Review are scanned from cover-to-cover and presented as full-colour page images.
Database features include the ability to copy and save images, export citations and limit searches to specific document types such as advertisements, building plans or illustrations.
For more regular library updates like these:
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Material ConneXion: Yes, that’s ConneXion with an ‘X’…

This week we extol the merits of Material ConneXion, the online materials database staff and students can access through GSA Library

Materials libraries are on the rise. From the Institute of Making at University College London to the SCIN Studio Library to Material Considerations, A+DS’ library of sustainable materials at The Lighthouse in Glasgow, the zeitgeist is for material curation. The global consultancy firm Material ConneXion, were early innovators when, in the mid-00’s, they created a plush New York library space for high-profile clients such as BMW and Proctor & Gamble to browse their suite of advanced and innovative materials. The emphasis is on sustainability and finding renewable materials as comparable alternatives to more traditional, synthetic options. Several more satellite libraries followed before the organisation’s strap-line “every idea has a material solution” was actualised in the form of the Material ConneXion database that invited online subscriptions for access to a resource of thousands of browse-able materials. GSA Library swiftly signed up and the resource is now a regular favourite among architects, product designers and interior designers as well as rousing the interest of sculptors and jewellery-makers.

The database’s broad application is reflected in the sheer number and breadth of materials available to browse. Between 40 and 50 new materials are added each month after careful selection by an expert team of designers and material scientists. Materials are organised into categories based on composition and imitate those found in the physical library space, for example, Polymers, Ceramics, Glass, Metals, Cement-based materials and Natural Materials. Use the Advanced Search option to look for a material with specific characteristics. The results lead onto a product page for each material that provides the material name, manufacturer, the category the material falls under, and all of its properties in addition to images. Manufacturers' contact details may be used to request additional product details or samples though costs are undisclosed. Create a personal account using the new ‘Personal Accounts’ button found on the top right-hand-side of the page after logging in to Material ConneXion through the catalogue to ‘tag’ favourite materials and to keep track of your research.  

This YouTube video explains Using the Material ConneXion database in more depth

Enjoy exploring one of our favourite database subscriptions!  

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

RADAR, Open Access and Research Data Management Training

On Friday the 11th September 2015 the Repository and data management team, with colleagues from the Research Office, ran two successful training sessions for staff and postgraduate students in the fields of RADAR, open access and research data management.

The first session focused on RADAR and open access and was provided for research staff. Areas covered during the training included a run through of the repository (RADAR), describing how to upload new outputs to the repository and why researchers should engage with the repository. Comments related to the ability of the repository to showcase ones research were highlighted, as well as it being best practice to share ones research both for internal and external purposes. Not forgetting the importance of the REF process!! The basics of Open Access were expressed during this session as well. Covering the reasons behind making ones research 'open access', different routes to open access (green or gold), funder policies, the use of the SHERPA tools, and the next REF process.

Following this session a lovely lunch was provided by Where the Monkey Sleeps (WTMS), that all enjoyed!

The second session focused on Research Data Management, and was open to researchers and postgraduate students to attend. We had a good mix of attendees at this session. Areas covered included the importance of data management, methods of data management, data management planning for bid writing and toolkits that are available to support data management.

Both sessions concluded with a question and answer session, allowing participants to raise their concerns regarding the subject matter discussed. This also gave us the opportunity to share with participants the sources of support that is available to them at GSA - in relation to documents and who should be contacted.

The following links give rise to some of the information that was shared during the training sessions:

These training sessions will be run again and we are keen to tailor them to the specific needs of departments, so do let us know if you want or need any support in these areas.

Contact the team HERE

Until next time... Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening... and Goodnight!

Updated RADAR Policies

We wish to inform you that RADAR's policies have been updated. These policies are in relation to:

  • Content
  • Metadata
  • Submission
  • Takedown
They can be found on the library web pages by following this LINK

They can also be accessed through the repository by viewing the 'Help and Contact Information' page in RADAR which can be found HERE

If you have any questions regarding these policies, do not hesitate to contact the RADAR team by using this EMAIL link. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Strike a Pose! Vogue Archive online

As part of a new series of blogs looking at the GSA Library's subscription databases, today we’re putting one of the Library’s most fashionable choices in the frame: Vogue archive online.  

Audrey Hepburn on cover for Vogue 144.8 (Nov 1, 1964) Image c/o Conde Nast, The Vogue Archive online.
Grace Kelly on cover for Vogue 158.1 (Dec 1, 1971) Image c/o Conde Nast, The Vogue Archive online.
The database comprises the full contents of the US edition of Vogue magazine in full colour, from its first ever issue in 1892 to the present, with monthly updates for new issues so it’s always kept current. There’s obvious application to fashion and textiles although those researching gender studies or popular culture across the decades will find a lot of the content to be on point. As well as being a great source of information for researching fashion movements, fashion photography and biographical information on designers, the archive also doubles up as a great store of images. And because all issues have been scanned from cover to cover, the front pages and advertisements are as much a feature as the sartorial journalism. Citations are provided so you’re able to keep a note of items that catch your interest as you go. We found the front covers above by using the option to 'Browse publications.'

Link to Vogue archive online above, or by running Vogue through a library catalogue search. In addition to the online US Vogue, the Library also keeps the current and back print issues of the British version and Vogue Italia which can be used for reference.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Discover online journal articles with the new GSA library catalogue

GSA Library Subject Guides

GSA Library purchases and subscribes to a large amount of print and online content for use by GSA students and researchers. Getting to know the resources relevant to your subject area is a good idea for being able to focus your research or information search and to identify collections, journals or database that you may not yet have considered.

For this, we’ve created Subject Guides covering the range of subjects taught at GSA from Animation to Sound Design. Whether you are visiting the Library in person or online, the subject guides describe how to get the most out of available library resources and collections where you can research art, design and architecture and, increasingly, more interdisciplinary subjects. They will help you to explore the Library more fully and direct you to the most appropriate places to suit your research needs.

Enter the name of journals and databases found in your Library subject guide into 'Search the library catalogue only'.

The guides have been revamped for the start of the academic year so even if you’ve made use of them before, clicking back through could reveal something new to research.

Subject Guides provide information on:

·         Using the Library

·         Finding print books

·         Finding print and e-journals

·         Logging into online resources such as databases containing articles, images and multimedia

·         GSA Library collections

·         InfosmART for developing information skills

·         Understanding research data management and open access

·         Contacting your subject librarian.
For access or use of resources, or if you have any further information needs, drop by to see a Librarian on Level 2 of the Library or email the Library: