Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spreading the word of RADAR

This week we have had the opportunity to meet with researchers and librarians from inside GSA and external to GSA to discuss the merits of RADAR, Research Data Management and Open Access to data. These meetings have enabled us to share knowledge related to repositories but also promote the research being showcased at GSA.

On Monday we met with Pascale Dorph, head librarian at the School of Art and Design in Limoges, France. We were able to demonstrate RADAR and give tips and advice on the setting up of a research repository. This was an enjoyable experience to share knowledge.

Also this week we have been meeting with new researchers at GSA to help them to understand the repository and issues related to data management and open access, and the impacts these have on staff research activity. We are holding face-to-face meetings with researchers to discuss these factors, if you are interested in meeting with the learning resources team to discuss data management or the repository, then please get in touch with Robin Burgess.

More and more new outputs keep being added to RADAR so please check out our Latest Items HERE.