Friday, December 18, 2015

Student Survey Closing Today - Don't Miss Out

The annual Library, Archives and Collections student survey closes today. If you have not already filled in the questionnaire please take a few minutes to do so. It is only 20 questions, your opinions shape how we developed the services, and you could win £75! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Last week of the Student Survey

The annual student survey is still open so please take the opportunity to tell us how we are doing. Your feedback shapes how the Library, Archives and Collections services develop so if we are going something well tell us and we will continue; if we are not meeting your needs tell us and we'll respond. Survey closes on the 18th December. Don't forget that if you do complete the  survey you might win £75!

Library and Computer Centre closing at 12.30pm on Tuesday 15th December

The library and computer centre will close at 12.30pm on Tuesday the 15th of December. This is for a staff development afternoon. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Design Parts Collection In Japanese Traditional Style

Today we got a book so beautiful that we had to share it. Design parts collection in Japanese traditional style architecture is a beautiful textbook, with drawings of every architectural element imaginable, and beautiful interior design details.

Design parts collection in Japanese traditional style architecture 
Though it's in Japanese, the book is easy to understand. The  book features clear and precise diagrams of whole houses, right the way through to the smallest details.

Design parts collection in Japanese traditional style architecture

The book also showcases interior design elements, such as unbelievably detailed drawings of wooden joists, and isometric views of storage plans.

Intricate diagram in Design parts collection in Japanese traditional style architecture
We also have another textbook in the same format about garden design, featuring beautiful landscape design details. Among the typologies included are footpaths, raked gravel, reservoirs, lanterns, water elements, woven fences, wooden lattices, roofed walls, gazebos and pavilions, and the myriad forms and arrangements of boulders, stones, and other rocky features

Wooden joists in Design parts collection in Japanese traditional style architecture

Monday, November 23, 2015

Survey! Win £75!

Tell us what you think of the Library, Archives and Collections by taking the Learning Resources Student Survey which is now open. We will be glad of the feedback, you will be helping to build a better service for all, and you will also be in with a chance to win £75. The winner gets the choice of Artstore vouchers or book vouchers .

The survey is only 20 questions but the answers you provide  really do have a big influence on how we develop the service. For example it was survey data that was used to make the case for additional funding to extend the Library opening hours by 50% in January. Get cracking!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Using Turnitin Tuesday 21st October iMac Training Room 5.30pm

Tuesday the 24th of November's Library Twilight class will focus on learning how to submit files to Turnitin. It will cover what Turnitin is, how to prepare your file for submission and also how to submit files.

So if you are new to using Turnitin and want to know more about it, then pop along to the iMac Training room on level 2 of the Library at 5.30pm on Tuesday the 24th of November to find out more.

Digital Montage Thursday 19th of November iMac Lab Library 5.30pm

Interested in using Adobe Photoshop to create montages? Then come along to the Digital Images Montages Twilight Class. You can learn how to refine your montages using layers to modify images.

So come along to the iMac Training Room on the second floor of the Library at 5.30pm on Thursday the 19th of November.

Monday, November 16, 2015

GSA Library Student Forum Tuesday 17th November Quiet Study Space from 1pm

Come along to out GSA Library Student Forum and find out what we are up to in the library as well as letting us know what we do well and what we can do better! It will be taking place on Tuesday the 17th of November between 1 and 2pm on Level 2 in the Quiet Study Space. Lunch will be provided and printing credits will be topped up for all who come along to the forum.

Cite It Right! Tuesday 17th November Quiet Study Space 5.30pm

Confused about how to reference? Why not come along to Cite It Right! and learn all about how to reference using the MHRA referencing convention. David Buri will guide you through this workshop which anyone can come along to.

Cite It Right! takes place in the Quiet Study Space on Level 2 of the Library at 5.30pm.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Up The Resolution! Thursday 12th of November iMac Lab Library 5.30pm

We’ll be exploring scanning in Photoshop in the Up The Resolution Twilight Class. This class will help you understand scanning, file formats, resolutions and image enhancement.

So come along to the iMac Training Room on the second floor of the Library at 5.30pm on Thursday the 12th of November.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

New print books on Research Methodology

Following on from our update on our new ebooks on research methodology, this month we have added several new print titles to the catalogue to support anyone conducting research at GSA, from undergraduate to professional level. 

Systematic approaches to a successful literature review  by Andrew Booth is a step-by-step guide to conducting a literature review that covers topics such as concept analysis, scoping, and mapping, as well as a guide to writing up and presenting your project. This book is aimed at researchers at all levels.

Social Research Methods by Alan Bryman covers qualitative and quantitative research methods without complicated mathematical formulae. It's also accompanied by an online resource centre which includes an Excel tutorial guide, and real-life student experiences. 

We also have the third edition of The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research by Norman K. Denzin and Yvonna S. Lincoln, which has 14 new topics such arts-based inquiry and the politics of evaluation.

Qualitative Interviewing: The Art of Hearing Data, by Herbert Rubin and Irene Rubin, will guide you through interviewing step-by-step. The book assumers you're a begginner, is written in a clear conversational tone and highlights how to recover from common mistakes interviewers make. 

If you're interested in writing or using case studies, we have Case Study Research: Design and Methods by Robert Yin. It includes tutorials, sections on values and ethics, and exemplary case studies. 

Finally, if you're writing about film or using film as a source, Using Film as a Source by Sian Barber, is intended for both research which uses film in disciplines like social and cultural history and politics, as well as students or researchers writing specifically about film.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Library Closed 2nd November 2015

The Library and Computer Centre will be closed on Monday the 2nd of November  This is due to a school holiday. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause. The Library and Computer Centre will be open as normal from Tuesday the 3rd of November at 8am.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Adobe Photoshop Thursday 29th of October iMac Lab Library 5.30pm

Come along, on Thursday the 29th of October, to a fantastic class about designing using Adobe Photoshop. You'll be shown that Photoshop is not a verb and learn some fantastic tricks!

Come along to the iMac lab on Level 2 of the libraryfor a 5.30pm kick off on Thursday the 29th of October. Remember if you have your own device with Adobe Photoshop installed on it, then you can bring it along and free up a computer for someone else to use.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Webtastic! Tuesday 27th of October iMac Lab Library 5.30pm

If you are unsure what FTP means? No idea what DNS stands for? MySQL sounds like something from Star Wars!

Webtastic! is this Tuesday the 27th of October. If you are interested in setting up a website but don't know where to start then this is the Library Twilight Class for you. We'll be de-mistifying some of the technical jargon associated with the internet and showing some great examples of how to set up a really good website with relative ease. We'll be looking at setting up portfolio websites, but all this information can be used for setting up any kind of website that you want!

Come along at 5.30pm to the iMac Lab on level 2 of the library on Tuesday the 27th of October.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Image Enhancement Thursday 22nd October iMac Lab Library 5.30pm

We’ll be exploring image enhancement in Photoshop which will allow you to make the most of your digital images. There will be some great tips and tricks being demonstrated.

The class takes place in the iMac Lab on the secondfloor of the Library at 5.30pm on Thursday the 22nd of October

Friday, October 16, 2015

Postgrad Access to Glasgow University e-resources

At the start of academic session 2015-16, the Library has some brilliant news to announce for new postgraduate students. We’ve agreed with Glasgow University Library that GSA postgraduates can access the online resources available through GU’s Library catalogue.

Up until recently, this offer has only ever been available to GSA staff and postgraduate researchers. Now it is also open to GSA Masters-level postgraduate students. The new arrangement means that in addition to lending print materials at GU Library through the SCONUL Access scheme, postgraduates starting a course in academic year 2015-16 will have digital access to GU Library online resources including useful e-journal and newspaper databases such as the ones listed here. These resources may be accessed 24/7 both on and off the GSA campus. 
For access to GU Library’s online resources, postgraduates need a username and password (what GU refers to as a GUID). This is created at the point where Registry confirms your GSA postgraduate status to GU’s Registry who then up-date your GU privileges. Registry will confirm when your access is active in an email to your GSA student email. The username is a GU student number followed by the first initial of your surname. The default password is your date of birth in the format YYMMDD. The password can then be changed here.
GSA Library also subscribe to quality online resources such as JSTOR and Vogue Archive Online on behalf of GSA students, staff and researchers. A list of resources including databases relevant to your subject area can be found using our subject guides. New to the library in academic session 2015-16 is the database Art and Architecture Archive for access to historical journals and we’re also continuing to make a greater number of e-books available. Except from busy exam periods, all GSA students (both undergraduates and postgraduates) have access to GU Library for reference to its print resources. So every student benefits from the resources offered at both GSA Library and at GU Library.

A selection of key databases available through GU Library:
  • Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts
  • Artists’ Papers Register
  • Berg Fashion Library
  • Bibliography of the History of Art
  • BoB National (Box of Broadcasts)
  • British Newspapers 1600-1900
  • British Periodicals Collection
  • Burney Collection of the 17th and 18th Century Newspapers
  • CAMIO (OCLCFirstSearch)
  • Design and Applied Arts Index
  • Gale NewsVault
  • Illustrated London News Historical Archive
  • IEEE Xplore
  • Oxford Art Online
  • Proquest Academic
  • Routledge Performance Archive
  • Web of Science

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Magazines at GSA Library

Way back, last term we asked for your suggestions for new magazines you wanted to see available at GSA Library. ‘Magazine mise-en-abyme’ or ‘the vortex’ as it more fondly became known, received some terrific suggestions and a few months later, the first new orders have been placed. We’re infinitely delighted with the suggestions made though sorry to report that the one for Horse and Hound was lost in the abyss... Keep an eye open for these avant-garde glossies appearing in the seated area on Level 1 in the next few weeks. And thanks for all of your ideas in helping to form the collections at GSA Library.

Check the GSA Library subject guides for a full list of journals relevant to your discipline.
A twice-yearly blend of high fashion and world-class photography with features on the arts, politics and literature.
Image result for apartamento magazine

A magazine about homes, living spaces and design solutions as opposed to houses, photo ops and design dictatorships. It features the homes and lives of creative people, both established and emerging, from all over the world, understanding interior design as a means of personal expression.

Image result for love magazine 
Twice-yearly, British style magazine.

Image result for san rocco magazine
Visually predisposed, temporary magazine about architecture, written by architects.

Image result for novembre magazine 

“Art practices and innovations in Switzerland and elsewhere.”  Features on fashion, design and art.


The Gourmand is an award winning, biannual food and culture journal. Each issue features 120 pages of specially commissioned words and images.

A quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture that features fresh faces and original voices.