Friday, January 31, 2014

Post-graduates can now interloan journal articles for free

For the next 6 months the Library is running a trial of a new approach to journal article interloan. The goal is to provide post-graduate students with access to tens of thousands of journals. As part of the trial all articles will be sought in digital form so we can send it straight to your GSA email address, and you can request up to 50 articles each academic year without any charge.  To request a journal article that is not held in the GSA collections please use this form

Please note that the interloan of journal articles will also be free for staff but we ask all staff to first check whether or not the resources you need are available through Glasgow University Library online collections. You can search their collections here. If you do not already have a GU ID then information on how to get one is available here. Please also note that charges will still apply for all library users on books and thesis interloan.

We will review the impact of the trial in the summer. Let us know what you think.