Friday, September 06, 2013

Library Refurbishment Update

The refurbishment of Levels 0 and 1 on the Library is almost complete and we are looking forward to welcoming students and staff into the space on Thursday 12th September. For the next three days please continue to come into the Library via the Bourdon building - you can return books, access online resources, set up your Blackboard Profile, and use all the computing facilities. If lack of access to the printed collections until Thursday will cause you a serious problems please get in touch with us at and we will do our very best to help.

The refurbishment of Levels 0 and 1 includes a much larger Level 1 with new comfortable seating, a new service desk and redecoration all round. Library staff have been working in the space this week - reshelving books and unpacking furniture - and we think it is a much brighter, lighter and nicer space for research and learning. 

To make way for the construction and decoration we had to take all the books off the shelves and dissemble all the shelving at the beginning of June. The books themselves have not sat idle in their crates however. We have added Radio Frequency Identity Tags to every single item.The main benefit direct for library users will be faster self-issue and return since you can now place a pile of books on the kiosk instead of having to scan one at a time.  The improved book security and stock management it provides will also mean that books more likely to in the right place on the shelf when you look for them.

We've put some behind the scenes pictures up online. Everything from a reminder of what Level 0 used to look like (dark and brown), to the hundreds of crates needed to store the books, to library staff measuring up the new floor for shelving

Here one with a glimpse of the Garson Mural - much more visible now we have cut half the stair away! 

We'll add more next week.