Monday, October 08, 2012

What's Your Digital Litter?

 Fancy a free lunch in the Union and a chance to win £50 of Amazon vouchers?

Digital Litter is a research project that looks at how students use technology in learning. Whether it’s taking a quick snap on your phone to remind you of a poster design or spending hours perfecting something in Photoshop, it’s likely that technology has already and will continue to play a part in your learning.

This Wednesday and Thursday at 12.30pm (and next week at the same times) there will be informal lunchtime discussion groups downstairs in the Union about technology in learning. If it’s something you feel strongly about (good or bad!), we’d love to hear your thoughts. And, yes, there’s a free lunch in it for you!

We’re also inviting students to share their own interpretations of Digital Litter – what technology have you used in the past in your learning and what’s useful now? The Digital Litter competition is a chance for you to share ideas through your preferred medium (sketch, photo, story, sculpture...). Your submission can be as sketchy or as fully formed as you like – all submissions are welcome via the VLE Digital Litter course (click on Course Catalogue > Digital Litter), via Twitter or Instagram (to @digilitter and using #digitallitter), by email (to or you can even pop in to the Computer Centre Office in the Library. There’s £50 of Amazon vouchers to be won and an exhibition of all submissions will be held in the Union at the end of November.