Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Introduction to HTML and Dreamweaver, Thursday 8th March 5.30pm Computer Centre

This week's class builds on last weeks Webtastic! discussion about setting up your own website. This week we look at the basics of HTML code, discuss important things to consider before you start actually building a site and have a quick look at the Adobe software application Dreamweaver which generates HTML code for you.
We only have an hour so you won’t get a chance to build a site at the workshop, but this should give you some good pointers to get you started. All the information will be posted on the VLE under “Learning Resources IT Twilight Classes”, in the materials section under Dreamweaver.

So come along, no computer is necessary, just turn up for this informal workshop about setting up a website. See you in the big training room (the big room with all the iMacs in it) on Thursday at 5.30pm.