Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Library Display: Ian Hamilton Finlay

This month's library display is of artists' books from Ian Hamilton Finlay's Wild Hawthorn Press. GSA Library has an extensive collection of Finlay's artist's books, with over 200 examples ranging from booklets, to postcards, to stamps. The display has been curated by Hanna Kilpi, our library placement volunteer.
"The art of Ian Hamilton Finlay is unusual for encompassing a variety of different media and discourses. Poetry, philosophy, history, gardening and landscape design are among the genres of expression through which his work moves, and his activities have assumed concrete form in cards, books, prints, inscribed stone or wood sculptures, room installations and fully realised garden environments. Common to all of Finlay's diverse production is the inscription of language - words, invented or borrowed phrases and other semiotic devices - onto real objects and thus into the world. That language inhabits, for Finlay, a material or real dimension gives rise to the two seemingly opposed but signal characteristics of his work."
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