Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Library Display: Pop-Up Artists' Books

The latest display of works from the Library's Artists' Books Collection highlights pop-up books and structures.
Kara Walker's Freedom: A Fable tells the narrative tale of a 19th century negress, presented as a Victorian pastiche with stark and intricate black paper pop-ups. The cover is in bonded leather with a Norwegian finish.
Ronald King's Alphabeta Concertina is in the form on a accordion style strip. Pop-ups form the letters of the alphabet, A-M to the front, and N-Z to the rear. The front and rear boards are printed white on red and feature abstract representations of the letters A and Z.
Scott McCarney's Alphabook 3 present 2 separate books in concertina form, one with pop-ups running A-Z, and the second running back through Z-A.
J. Yoon's Absence was produced to commemorate the 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and features white card pages punctured by pin pricks and square cut-outs. These cut-outs increase in number through the pages of the book to eventually resemble the grid plan on New York, represented metaphorically through emptiness and absence.