Friday, October 31, 2008

Archives News: October 2008

The new Archives and Collections Centre is now open delivering improved access to GSA's historical collections. The centre provides work space for individual researchers and study groups, projector/presentation facilities, and open access reference material. Users are able to visit the centre and view the collections in person by appointment. More information about our opening times and collections can be found on our new webpages at:

The Archives and Collections Centre is located in the basement of the School's Mackintosh Building. This room is shown on Mackintosh's original 1910 plans as a 'boiler room' and more recently housed plant equipment and workshop facilities. The walls of the room have been stripped back to reveal the original brick work and the original doors and windows have been restored. Selected artworks from the collections and GSA student photographs decorate the space. All of this work was undertaken as part of GSA's HLF funded Mackintosh Conservation and Access Project.