Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Animation DVDs

Over the last couple of weeks we have added some excellent animation DVDs to the collection. Produced by the British Animation Awards these ten DVDs showcase a vast array of award-winning and groundbeaking animations.

The first six DVDs (DVD 990-995) focus on the British Animation Awards themselves with a selection of the best animations from the last 10 years of the bi-annual competition. The next two DVDs (DVD 996 & 997) focus exclusively on British animation and present some of the finest animations produced in this country over the last 35 years. On these discs you'll find gems like the haunting 1983 sci-fi short 'Skywhales' and the gothic, Gorey-influenced 'Sandman'. The final two discs present international animation classics (DVD 998) and the best of French computer animation (DVD 999) repsectively.

These DVDs should be of great use to any aspiring animator or filmmaker and of great interest to everyone else.