Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Fine Art DVDs- Jake Auerbach Films

We have recently added to the collection three DVDs from Jake Auerbach Films. Jake Auerbach, the son of painter Frank Auerbach, specialises in producing films that take a unique and in-depth look at the creative processes of some of Britain's greatest artists. Lucian Freud: Portraits (DVD 961) uses interviews with some of Freud's most famous sitters (including David Hockney and the Duke of Devonshire) to build up a picture of Freud himself. In John Virtue: London (DVD 965) Jake Auerbach follows the reclusive painter from Greenwich to Trafalgur Square as he works at painting the capital. Interestingly the film Frank Auerbach: To the Studio (DVD 975) is not directed by the subject's son, but by Hannah Rothschild. It captures the spirit and atmosphere of the notoriously prolific painters creativity through interviews with him and his sitters. You can visit Jake Auerbach's myspace page here for film clips and news on events.