Friday, May 30, 2008

Archives News: May 2008

Conservation work is almost complete on GSA Archives’ Poster Collection. This collection comprises over 200 posters dating from 1960s – 1990s. Most of the posters relate to events held at The Glasgow School of Art such as degree shows, artists’ talks, fashion shows and student activities. Many of these were designed and printed in-house at GSA. The image shown here is a detail from a fashion show poster designed by the School’s Head of Printing, Robert Stewart. There are also a selection of posters relating to exhibitions of work by GSA staff and students held at GSA and at other venues.

Most of the posters are paper based. These have been mechanically cleaned and flattened with paper repairs carried out using a selection of high quality Japanese papers and a wheat starch paste adhesive. Several posters had damaging adhesive residues and tapes adhered to the verso and these were all removed successfully. They are now stored individually within polyester enclosures to ensure their long term preservation.

A small number of posters are printed textiles. These items have undergone light cleaning and repair where appropriate. The posters have now been given custom made storage using high quality conservation grade materials and are now stored rolled alongside other textile collections.

All treatments are fully reversible and have been documented and attached to the catalogue. This conservation work is part of the School's HLF funded Mackintosh Conservation and Access Project.

Archives News is a monthly update on what's been happening with The Glasgow School of Art's archive collections.