Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Installation of New Shelving in Main Library

We will soon be beginning a major programme of work within the Main Library to install new roller-racking on the stage area. This new shelving will greatly increase the amount of shelf space we have in this area of the Library, and is important for ensuring we can continue to accommodate the Library's growing collection.
Bound journals currently on the Library's mezzanine will be moving down onto the new roller-racking, with all our architecture and landscape design books moving up onto the mezzanine in their place.
We will be remaining open during the entire duration of these works in order to ensure that none of our students or staff are disadvantaged. However, there may be certain periods of time when some titles or runs of books are not available, either because they are in transit or for health and safety reasons.
Just ask at the Library Service Desk if you find that you are unable to access stock for whatever reason, and we'll do our best to get it to you as quickly as possible.