Thursday, March 27, 2008

Audio Arts Online

We've just added links to the Library Catalogue for all Audio Arts recordings that are available to listen to online. This magazine was originally published on audio cassette, before transferring to CD, and the Library holds an extensive run of recordings in these formats. Now when you search the Library Catalogue you'll see links wherever MP3 versions are available free online, courtesy of Tate.
The innovative audio magazine Audio Arts was established by Bill Furlong in 1973 to provide recordings of interviews and discussions with leading contemporary artists. Over the years those interviewed have included Tacita Dean, Tracey Emin, Gary Hume, Michael Craig-Martin, Vanessa Beecroft, Carl Andre and Joseph Beuys. The interviews provide an excellent opportunity to hear artists talking directly about their own work.
Access: Free

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick Reference Becomes Research Support

The former Quick Reference Collection in the Library, which housed key reference works for consultation, has been repurposed to better reflect the developing and changing learning, teaching and research needs of GSA students and staff.
We've withdrawn from stock several books that were out-of-date or superseded, and replaced them with up-to-date editions. We've also ordered in lots of new books to address developing areas of interest or research activity with the School. It's all part of our aim to address library collections to the important research and learning strategies of GSA.
Last but not least, we've also completely reclassified the collection, so that books are more coherently arranged on the shelves. You'll now find sections on research methods, citation and referencing, English language and grammar, foreign languages, copyright, designs and patents, and standards and product directories, along with all the usual encyclopaedias and dictionaries you would expect to find. A complete list of shelfmarks can be found on the Library website.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Graphic Novels Guide

We've been busy building up our collection of graphic novels here in the Library, and our new guide provides an accessible and colourful introduction to all the titles available in the Library. It includes details of titles and authors, along with short plot descriptions and cover scans. If you're new to graphic novels, why not give them a go?!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Online Journals via Blackwell Synergy

The Library has just activated online access to 4 journals via Blackwell Synergy. This provides online access to back-runs of the journals below back to 2006 in most instances. Access is available direct on campus only.
The journals covered are:
  • Art Book
  • Art History
  • International Journal of Art and Design Education
  • Journal of Architectural Education
Access: Free on campus only.

Online Journals via SAGE Journals Online

The Library has just activated online access to 7 key journals via SAGE Journals Online. GSA students and staff now have full-text access to entire back-runs of the journals below - Just simply login to SAGE Journals using your Athens account.
Journals covered are:
  • Animation
  • Arts and Humanities in Higher Education
  • Journal of Visual Culture
  • Lighting Research and Technology
  • Space and Culture
  • Sexualities
  • Urban Studies
Access: Athens

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Doesn't She Scrub Up Well??!!!

The Mackintosh Library has been enjoying a bit of a makeover recently, and is extremely excited to be showing off her rejuvenated features. A crack squad of primpers have been giving her timeless but aged facade a much-needed boost, and now she feels she has the bounce and allure of a library half her age. And all this has been achieved without a single micro-bead of pro-retinal A.
Until she's been dressed and deems herself presentable enough to face her public, here's a sneak preview of her new look. It will probably be another 100 years before she's seen in this minimalist state again.
Why take so much trouble and time over restoring her singular charms? In the immortal words of Andie McDowall.... Because she's worth it.

Installation of New Shelving in Main Library

We will soon be beginning a major programme of work within the Main Library to install new roller-racking on the stage area. This new shelving will greatly increase the amount of shelf space we have in this area of the Library, and is important for ensuring we can continue to accommodate the Library's growing collection.
Bound journals currently on the Library's mezzanine will be moving down onto the new roller-racking, with all our architecture and landscape design books moving up onto the mezzanine in their place.
We will be remaining open during the entire duration of these works in order to ensure that none of our students or staff are disadvantaged. However, there may be certain periods of time when some titles or runs of books are not available, either because they are in transit or for health and safety reasons.
Just ask at the Library Service Desk if you find that you are unable to access stock for whatever reason, and we'll do our best to get it to you as quickly as possible.

Mackintosh Library Closure: Update

The Mackintosh Library has been closed for the past few weeks in order to carry out conservation and restoration works on this unique interior as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Mackintosh Access and Conservation Project.
Now that conservation works are complete we will soon begin the long task of returning thousands of volumes to the Library from storage. In the process we will have to clean all the books before they can be returned to the shelves.
We currently plan to re-open the Mackintosh Library for the beginning of next term, around the 7th April. Although we will do everything we can to have the Library open as quickly as possible, please bear with us during this period.
We'll let you know about the reopening when this important programme of works is complete.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Online Resources Added to Library Catalogue

It can sometimes be difficult keeping up-to-date with the online resources available through the Library, especially when these resources come in an increasingly bewildering array of types: from e-journals to images, and from e-books to audio files.
That's why we've just completed a substantial programme of work to integrate our online resources with our Library Catalogue, enabling all our users to discover our online resources in the same way the would our print resources. We've added catalogue records describing all our online resources, and have provided links and access information to the records of print titles where online versions are available. We've also added links and access information to all our journal holdings, pointing you to the exact databases that index each particular journal or provide full-text access to articles.
It's all part of our commitment to making our resources as easy to find and use as possible.

Library Book Sale

We're having a bit of a spring clean here in the Library, and will be holding a booksale on Tuesday 11 March 2008. The sale will be open to GSA students and staff from 12pm, with lots of bargains to be had: from art, design and architecture books, to theory texts and old periodicals.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Online Journals from InformaWorld

The Library has just activated online access for 8 of its print journals via InformaWorld. Now you can access the full-text of articles from the current issue and past issues of these journals, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
The journals covered are:
  • City
  • Digital Creativity
  • History of Photography
  • Journal of Architecture
  • Third Text
  • Urban Studies
  • Visual Studies
  • Women: A Cultural Review

Access: Athens

Online Journals from MIT Press

The Library has just activated online access for 5 of its print journals via MIT Press Journals. Now you can access the full-text of articles from the current issue and past issues of these journals, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
The journals covered are:
  • African Arts
  • Design Issues
  • Leonardo
  • October
  • PAJ: Journal of Performance and Art
Access: Username and password required off campus. Enquire at Library Service Desk

Online Journals from IngentaConnect

The Library has just activated online access for 4 of its print journals via IngentaConnect. Now you can access the full-text of articles from the current issue and past issues of these journals, from anywhere with an Internet connection.
The journals covered are:
  • Fashion Theory
  • Textile: Journal of Cloth and Culture
  • Textile History
  • Vernacular Architecture
Access: Username and password required. Enquire at Library Service Desk

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

BBC Motion Gallery Trial

The Library has just taken out a 30-day trial of BBC Motion Gallery. This new online resource allows students and lecturers within higher and further education institutions in the UK to use content from the BBC Archives for educational purposes. It offers over 20,000 clips for use in presentations, lectures, and course work, covering News, Sport, Natural History, Wildlife, Science & Technology, The Arts and much more. Each clip can be downloaded via Quicktime or Windows Media.
Access: Username and password require. Contact your Subject Librarian.

Reading List Collection

Have you been finding the Library's reading list collection a bit confusing? We've tried to make matters a little simpler by changing the name of this collection in our catalogue from Temporary Reference to (you guessed it) Reading List.
From now on when you discover books in the Library Catalogue it will be even clearer to you if they are reading list titles. Remember that all reading list titles are reference only, and can be requested from staff at the Library Service Desk.